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Why I love Mondays

Why I love Monday’s

Monday’s are the best day of the week. I have had this belief for at least the last 15 years.

Why, you may ask, are you MAD I see a few of you muttering.

Let me take you back to around 15ish years ago, it was a time when I hated Monday’s, I hated getting up for work, I hated work, in fact I hated the whole day. Nothing ever went right on a Monday, I would be chewed out by my line manager more on a Monday than any other day of the week. I would have more customer complaints, more staffing issues; you get the idea, sounds familiar?

For me the need to change my mind-set became apparent and with some urgency when my wife asked me “why are you so grumpy? My reply went along the lines of how I hated Monday’s and spouted all of the above to her, to which she replied “I know, you have always hated Monday’s but, today is Sunday, we should be enjoying the day” not feeling resentful or depressed that the following day was Monday.

I had transferred the Monday blues to a Sunday, my day of rest, day of fun with the family, I decided at that point that something had to change and that change would have to around my beliefs of what a Monday should be.

I started off by creating a mantra that I would recite every Sunday night and Monday morning, “I love Monday’s, this day will be my most favourite and best day of the week”, did this work? NO it did not, I found that I was still to dragging myself out of bed every Monday morning.

I then started to think of how my perfect day at work would look, feel and sound like. As soon as I had this in mind I would use this with my mantra every Sunday night and Monday morning and my attitude and behaviour started to change, I still hated Monday’s but something was changing.

My final part of the jigsaw, to love Monday’s was to plan fun activities around this day at work, I would save some of the tasks that I really liked completing and do on a Monday (for me it was usually people development) I also started going to the GYM before work on Mondays only, raise my serotonin levels.

I implemented a no complaining rule for this day, it was called a “solution only day” none of the team were allowed to present issues or problems without having at least 2 solutions.

After a period of time, I didn’t think of Monday’s as a chore, it became a fun day, a day that I looked forward to because I changed my beliefs, my attitude, my language and most importantly my behaviour.

When I initially started telling my peers that I loved Monday’s, that it was “the start of new possibilities” I was looked at as if I was MAD. Within a short period of time I would receive Monday morning calls from a couple of peers asking me to motivate them, unknowingly I had become the “Monday man”

The best thing to happen to me by loving this day of the week was I was able to claim my Sunday back; I started having fun with the family again. 15 years later I didn’t need the mantras, I didn’t need to plan a great day on Monday, as every day has become a Monday.

Am I saying that everything goes right every Monday? NO, but I still manage to have fun and enjoy the start of the working week, every week.

My journey to enjoy this was not an easy one, but I knew I had to change and that was the key, the change had to come from me, as soon as I started I realised that this process was about my behaviour and my attitude.

Change your behaviour, change you life


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