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Brand You New You’re Hired pdf


The number 1 personal branding book

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Product Description

This is an easy to read job hunters guide to help anyone and everyone get the job they desire. A fast read that facilitates its user to get maximum benefits in minimum time, giving you all the information you’ll ever need in just a few hours.
Stephen Reilly – Author and leading career coach, understands the complexities of the modern day recruitment process and the do and don’ts to getting hired. Its illustrations and simplicity throughout take away the corporate feel of most business books and what’s left is a guiding helping hand from start to finish.

So if your asking why isn’t my CV getting noticed or that you can’t secure the all – important interview, then look no further. This is the book to end all those questions and show you how to:

• Brand yourself –Get an identity to make you unbeatable

• CV/ Cover letters – Write in a way that will open the door to every interview

• Interviews – Prepare for the all-important interview process

• Social Media – Look out for the hazards on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, all this and much more ……

“If you only buy one book this year to change your life forever, make it this one.”
Raymond Aaron –New York Times best selling author


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