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Well done and congratulations for attaining and getting through your interview. I get asked a couple of questions from clients after they have been interviewed. They are;

  1. Now the interview is over, do I wait for them to contact me?
  2. Do I contact them?
  3. What can I do to influence the decision now I have been interviewed?
  4. I forgot to say something really important, is it too late?

Now, come on don’t sit and wait for someone else to get your job, the job you have put a lot of effort into getting by falling at the last fence. This is crunch time, this is were you really stand out from your competition. You have put in a lot of hours researching the company and the managers that interviewed you. By taking the time to follow up with a letter could make the difference to your future.

The next question I hear you asking is, when do I send this letter, easy answer, with 24 hours of your interview. They will still remember you within this time frame, so strike while the iron is still hot. Also if several people have interviewed you you need to send a letter to each of them.

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