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10 CV do's and don'ts

CV Do’s and Don’ts

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Helping you create a winning CV

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How to keep your CV ahead of the competition

Your CV is your BRAND! it represents you and as such is the first impression a potential employer will make on you. A CV will also give an employer an opportunity to see if you have the necessary skills for the position they are hiring for.

A great CV will give you an advantage over the competition

Most recruiters and employers have a process for sifting through the potential hundreds of CV’s they will receive for an advertised position. The normal process is to scan a CV for no more than 20 seconds then sort into 3 piles.

The first pile is a definite YES, this means that they will look at your CV in detail later. The second pile is the MAYBE pile this will be looked at if there is not enough good CV’s from the first pile. The third and last pile is the NO section these are CV’s that aesthetically don’t look right.

It may seem unfair for a CV to be placed in the NO pile without someone looking at the detail but recruiters need a system otherwise they could spend weeks and months looking through these documents. This downlod will give you the skills to challenge your normal way of thinking and allow you to create a winning CV


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